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ACRATO Sleeping Pad Air Inflating Camping Mattress Review

ACRATO Sleeping Pad Air Inflating Camping Mattress Review, www.proleaner.comIs your camping tour a nightmare when it comes to sleeping? Worry no more. ACRATO Sleeping Pad Air Inflating Camping Mattress is your answer. This mattress is super light, portable, easy to inflate, and very comfortable to sleep on. It is made from TPU material and is very light and cozy material unlike those that are made from PVC, which are usually heavy, cumbersome and difficult to fold.

As a traveling, hiking or camping enthusiast, one of the esteemed and cherished thing is traveling light. Nobody enjoys being bogged down by cumbersome things. So we always require things that economize on space; tiny and ultralight. But with TPU inflated sleeping pad, just 550g or 1.2lb,73,2″ x 23,6″ x 3,4″ pack and size eight, this burden is a load of your chest. Besides, when inflated, it is very compact and offers maximum comfort.

The pad comes with a Hand air bag that is used to inflate the sleeping pad. Just open the air bag against the wind and it will get filled with air quickly. Close the bag and connect the valves of the pad and the air bag. Press down the air-filled bag and after 3-4 times presses, the sleeping pad is filled and ready to be slept on. No pump needed. It also has patent valves for easier deflation.

This is the best car camping sleeping pad as it is made from professional and quality grade and topnotch TPU material that is durable, abrasion and tear resistant, weatherproof and waterproof. Unlike PVC made gears, this material is light and cozy to lie on and thus ensures that your comfort and return for your money is guaranteed. ACRATO Sleeping Pad Air Inflating Camping Mattress has a thickness of 1.5”. This provides you with the most comfortable sleep you can ever dream of in your camping. Even the uneven and rough surfaces and edges on tent floor will not be noticed, courtesy of the pad’s thickness. Besides, there is no uneven surface on the sleeping pad that can cause you discomfort. With this pad, we guarantee you that you won’t wake up tired and and with pain.

This sleeping pad is light in weight. It is also easy to fold and can be carried so easily. Because of this, you can use it as camping sleeping mat because it is soft and comfortable, or use it as pool floating foam pad as you sunbathe. You can also use this sleeping pad as a office sleeping pad bed. So when you need a break from that daunting task in your office, you can lie snugly on this pad because it allows you to experience the sofa-like comfort that you deserve. The good news is that this sleeping pad comes with a warranty. So in case of any problem, you can always get another one. It has a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

One advantage of this pad is its portability. The disadvantage is that a sharp object can pierce it, though not easily, but caution must be taken. The price also can dent your pocket but the good news is, all those who have used it have recommended it highly. When you get it, you will always get a return for your money.

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