American Hunter AHVL250 Varmint Light

American Hunter VL250 Review

American Hunter AHVL250 Varmint Light Aren’t you able to see? Is that a deer or perhaps a coyote over there? Stop guessing and aim your target directly. Switch on to American Hunter AHVL250 Varmint Light to beat haziness and unmistakably distinguish your target. It’s a marvelous predator-chasing Flashlight. This brilliant thought incorporates a Green LED module for fresh low-light lucidity, ideal for hog hunting and varmint hunting prerequisites. Yes, this immaculate piece of art enlightens a long distance because of a solid, high-yield 250-lumen Cree LED light. Complete with a quick action on/off tail-top switch.

Being equipped with car charger and wall charger, AH-VL250nc is perfect for night-time hog hunting. The light beam brightens the area and you can clearly look at well over 200 yards, illuminating the field and woods. American Hunter AHVL250 Varmint Light comes with a 3.7V rechargeable battery that charges fairly quickly and stays solid for a good amount of time.

American hunter nighttime target elimination system mounts directly to your scope for directional spot lighting. Constructed from anodized aluminum housing, the light turns on and off conveniently with a pressure switch or pushing the button on/off tail cap switch. When not in use, the light can be conveniently kept in the hard shell carrying case padded well with foam inserts. The VL250 Varmint is easy to use and easy to charge. It comes with a car charger and can be easily charged in the vehicle during the ride or at home using the A/C charger.

As you all know, American hunter outdoor products are known for convenience and durability and this green predator light is no exception. If you’re looking forward to buying AH-VL250nc, you can either order it through Amazon or simply go for American hunter gun mounted led light Walmart.

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