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Ardent Spinning Reel 3000 Review

Ardent Spinning Reel 3000 Review,
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Are you looking for that ultimate fishing experience? Catching the bass has never been easier with Ardent Spinning Reel 3000. Ardent reels are the best spinning reels in the market giving you added value for your money. With their smooth feel, operation and casting distance, they put a stop to your endless nightmares in fishing.

Coming in two options of Ardent bolt 3000 or the Ardent wire 3000, the sky is the limit for your fishing experience. You can never go wrong with any option you choose because both of them are designed to meet your needs and become your best fishing buddies.

Ardent Bolt 3000 Spinning Reel

This is a gorgeous spinning reel, that helps you to have a smooth casting for the longest distance you have been unable to achieve with the other fishing rods, with the best accuracy as well as retrieving the line. It has a good strong grip that prevents sliding off and an impressing balance when working with it. With this, you will most definitely exceed your fishing targets.

With graphite being light weight and having outstanding resistance to thermal shock, this masterpiece has graphite as its frame. It has amazing features of one piece aluminum hand, 6061T6 aluminum spool and a washer drug system of stainless steel. Aluminum contributes to its lightweight characteristics. It has an 11lb max drag and 6.0:1 gear ratio! With this equipment, you can use just any type of bait and provides so much comfort, speed, and strength.

It has dimensions of 8.5*3.5*6 inches, 11.2 ounces shipping weight and it comes with a 3-year warranty!!

Ardent Spinning Reel 3000 Review,
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Ardent Wire Spinning Reel 3000

It is a state of the art equipment that comes with solid handles and wire frames made of stainless steel. Not only is it stylish, describing your character/ aura as the user, but this stainless steel construction protects it from corrosion, heat damage especially on those hot summer fishing excursions and chemical damage! This makes its storage and maintenance to be that last thing you are worried about.

It contains a good EVA foam handle for a good stable grip, best grade aluminum anodized spool, light weight and very strong bail wire gauge, color, a washer drag system that is multi stack, 9+1 ball bearing made of stainless steel and 5.1:1 gear ratio.

Its line capacity is 8lb/270yds, 10lb/190yds, 15lb/240yds, talk about a fishing experience with these distances! You are literally in charge of the fishing zone!

The product dimensions are 8.5*3.5*6 inches and a weight of 10.4 ounces both as item and shipping weight.

Ardent wire reel is rugged and very easy to clean and maintain, this is because stainless steel is scratch free material, easy to wipe any spillages and to polish. The equipment has been created from the finest materials, to give it the lightweight and make your fishing more fun and daring.

These two products are worth a five-star rating. Their light weight, easy maintenance, incredible casting distances, comfort, strength, easy to use with their strong grip, incredibly gorgeous tool to carry along, what else would limit you from enjoying your hobby?

The only disadvantage is that these have some restrictions on International shipping, but these are worth every dime, you can never go wrong with either of the two.

For an elite level fishing, choose the best! Choose Ardent.

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