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Black Diamond Moji Charging Station Review

Black Diamond Moji Charging Station Review, www.proleaner.comAs days are getting shorter, enjoying the outdoors means packing a decent light source in your backpack to reach home safely without staying out of your way. Campers usually prefer headlamps, but lanterns always steal the show. And, Black Diamond Lantern is not just a lantern but much more than that.

The tiny camping light sources produces a bright and steady light of 250 lumens at maximum settings. The lantern also boasts a unique dimming switch which provides adjustable brightness. It acts as a power bank. Small electronic devices like your phone or iPod can be easily charged through a USB wire using the lantern.

The device has a small hook for easily hanging it somewhere or holding it with a finger. Black Diamond Moji Charging Station features a blob shaped body which is very strong and durable.

With dimensions of 5 x 4 x 4 inches and weight of no more than 0.88  pound, the charging station runs on AC (with adapter, not included), rechargeable sealed lithium ion battery or standard AA batteries. The unit comes in a rugged color of graphite and features a sturdy body, ideal for camping and traveling purposes.

The Black Diamond lantern, my friends, is a great player in the field of lanterns, and personally, I think it is the best camping lantern till date. This little blob shaped lantern produces a lot of light. Don’t get confused by its size, Black Diamond Moji Charging Station is actually a powerhouse. Its small size allows easy carriage and saves a lot of space in your backpack. It is also acts as a power bank for your small hand-held electronic devices. In my opinion, the lantern’s efficiency and the unique dimming switch which provides adjustable brightness are the two main features than can make any camper go crazy about this tiny light source.  And not only for camping purposes, the device can be used at home or wherever and whenever you need a portable light.

Pros and Cons:

The unit produces great light which is adjustable as per your requirement with just one unique switch. It has a sturdy and durable long-lasting body. Unique blob-shaped tiny size and pretty remarkable resistance to water make this lantern an ultimate camping gear except one glitch that there should have been a USB recharging option for the device.

At and end, I can confidently say that this product is a fully-loaded package for the price. After getting this little thing, you no longer have to carry a power bank and a light source separately. This does the work of two things in one single thing besides producing a great amount of light to light up a good area of your camp or guide your way during those trekking sessions. If you go on travel and camp regularly, you need to have this with you. Trust me on this one guys and go for it!

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