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Browning Camping Privacy Shelter Review

Browning Camping Privacy Shelter Review, www.proleaner.comHave you ever been on an adventurous trip in the woods and been scared to shower either because you’re scared of peeking Tom’s or you just generally aren’t comfortable doing your private business in the open? Browning, a camping company, has recognized this very bizarre but realistic issue and has launched the Browning Camping Privacy Shelter.

Now, this shower tent is almost perfect for your own little private time in paradise. It measures 66x66x86 inches, overall 30 square feet in size, which is a lot more than really needed to shower or change. The interiors of the privacy tent are lined with shelves on which you can keep your towels and clothes. It also has 2 pouches so that you store your toiletries in them. Setting up the product is relatively easier than other tents, even if you are a beginner. The Browning Camping Privacy Shelter typically takes 10 to 15 minutes to be set up. However, once you set it up a couple of times, the entire assembly should not take more than 5 minutes.

Something which I was amazed to find out about the Browning Camping Privacy Shelter was that the tent has Velcros in the corner and the middle of each side. This makes cleaning up very effortless. This also helps in efficiently wrapping up the shelter after using it. The mesh in the windows ensures that bugs don’t interrupt your peaceful time, and it also keeps you safe from the harmful diseases that you can be exposed to while camping.

With set-up height of 7 feet and 2 inches, the tent goes well with tall people and offers enough room for everyone. The stainless steel rods are built very sturdy and keep the tent rooted to the ground. This makes the tent extremely weather-proof. The shelter can withstand winds of over 25 knots(48 km/h) and the material of the cabin ensures that rain does not seep in like it does with other tents. Stainless steel rods ensures that there is no rusting due to rain. The product weighs around 14.4 pounds(6 kgs) and it is not much of a burden to carry around. It comes in extremely appealing and tasteful old school colors of brown and rust.

This Browning Shelter is one of the best in the price range of $105- $115 on Amazon. Products with similar features go to north of $180. This shelter is definitely a really delightful bargain. All in all, the product is unique with some of its enthralling features and has definitely changed the way people camp. At the end, if you’re going camping this summer to get some peace, leave your insecurities at home by buying the Browning Camping Privacy Shelter, it will not disappoint you!

Pros and Cons

The tent has many significant advantages such as large size and innovations like velcro that overshadow some of the disadvantages such as the light hook being too high and the mesh being easily damaged. However, these disadvantages are not very significant and can be easily fixed.

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