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BSN Outdoor Recreation Pack Review, Outdoor Recreation and Sports

BSN Outdoor Recreation Pack,
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Do you think you are losing yourself in the technology world of smartphones, Xbox, IPad? Do you fancy the idea of having a product that encourages outdoor sports? Today, with advanced technology our younger generation has forgotten to enjoy outdoors recreation. It is necessary to explore open air activities and construct healthy lifestyle for the well-being. So, if you’re a sports enthusiast and want to get rid of your disease-causing habit of sticking to the electronic gadgets, BSN Outdoor Recreation Pack is just the right choice for you.

As individual’s choices may vary from time to time, this combo pack provides plenty of variations in sports that you can enjoy together without investing separately on different games.

The main feature of this product is to bring a set of diverse sports in one pack for any sport’s fan. It is a valuable pack with assorted sports items that can be enjoyed during various outside recreational activities. BSN Outdoor Recreation Pack is a blend of various outdoor sports viz. basketball, volleyball, Soccer, Softballs and more. It not only enables you and your children to perform some physical activity but also let you and your family enjoy a set of fun and exciting games.

All products of the pack are made of high-quality material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. This recreation pack is suitable for all age group because of it equipment collection. This also helps in creating a bonding time during sports with your family as everyone around you can enjoy the games provided in this pack.

Products used in this pack are attractive enough to bring your inner child out to play. As it contains all sizes gears, it is portable to store all of them at the same location without bulking everything up. BSN outdoor pack can be used for Outdoor Picnics, Schools, Sports Association, recreational academy, Personal use at home.

This pack consists of 38 items as mentioned Below:

  • 1 MacGregor X6000 synthetic leather basketball
  • 1 MacGregor X6285 synthetic leather basketball
  • 1 MacGregor X600 synthetic leather volleyball
  • 1 MacGregor 32’recreational volleyball Net
  • 1 set of 3 rubber softball bases
  • 3 MacGregor molded synthetic leather soccer balls (1 each size 5-4-3)
  • 3 MacGregor rubber footballs (1 each official-intermediate-junior size)
  • 1 mesh equipment bag
  • 12 Flag football belts (6 each red-yellow)
  • 1 50’ tug-o-war rope
  • 1 set of official steel horseshoes
  • 12 MacGregor 12″slow pitch leather softballs.

Shipping Weight – 44.3 Pounds or 18.3 Kgs

Dimensions – 36 x 18 x 16 Inches

Color – One Color

BSN outdoor recreation pack helps you to explore your hidden abilities of learning and playing. It also helps you in nurturing the urge to go outside and play. This serves as a major stress buster especially in the times when progressively advanced entertainment devices causing debilitating harms to the human race. The use of the recreation pack is not restricted to any age groups, hence it can stay in your family or organization for a longer period of time and never become outdated.

Pros and Cons


  • It adds a variety of sports in your collection
  • Worth buying as compared to buying different sports items separately
  • Good for all age group
  • It can be used for Outdoors as well Indoors.


  • There are no color choices available and the sports items come in basic colors of white, brown, and black.

At the end, BSN outdoor recreation pack is a gateway to all your outdoot fun activities and recreational sports.

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