Caldwell DeadShot Field Pod Review

Caldwell DeadShot Field Pod
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We all are well aware of importance of stability in hunting. More stable your gun/crossbow is, better will be the chances of getting things right in the hunting field. However, no matter how steady your hands are, it is always better to enhance this stability. And the best way to get the 100% stable gun/crossbow is to rely on the Caldwell DeadShot Field Pod. (Weapon mount) There are plenty of reasons of this recommendation, some of them include the unique features, and added stability it provides to the user while in the field. Let us dig deeper on the capabilities of Caldwell Field Pod to know whether it is a right buy for you or not.

Key Features

One of the very first things that you will notice about the Caldwell’s gun/crossbow rest is the quality of the product and the assurance to deliver. Unlike most of the other rests available in the market, the Caldwell’s field pod is reliable enough to be used extreme conditions. No matter where are you planning it to be used, the Caldwell gun rest will help you give your 100% accurate shot. The height adjusting feature will help you to get great support from the rest. The Caldwell’s rest provides a good range of height adjustment ranging from 20″ to 42″ that is more than enough to be used by almost anyone and in any condition.

Additional Features

Apart from the height adjustment feature, the Caldwell deadshot treepod is loaded with lots of features that come handy when you are on the field. Some of such additional features include easy to use pivots, that move vertically as well as horizontally to get the 100% accurate shot every time. The lightweight aluminium frame makes it easier to carry on the field. So, if you are looking for an accurate, reliable, and light weight gun rest, then the Caldwell Field Pod will be a great choice for you.

Other Features

Apart from the above listed features, the Caldwell gun rest also provide some features that make it a irresistible buy for the hunters are listed as follows:

1. Intelligently designed

2. Made up of Aluminum. Weighs less than 6 pounds

3. Provides added support whenever needed

So, these were the features that make the Caldwell Field pod one of the best gun/crossbow rests available in the market.

Product Summary

In all, if you are planning to buy a crossbow or gun rest that not only fits in your budget, but also has great results and has been tested by hundreds of hunting experts, then we will strongly recommend you to go with Caldwell Field pod. Believe us, its reliability will make you fall in love with it. If you love predator hunting, then this rest is an essential accessory that you should carry along in the field.

Pros and Cons

To conclude the review, here are the plus, and the minus points of the product that we have encountered. Talking about the plus points, they surely are its light weight design, and the height adjusting features, that make hunting an enjoyable act than ever before.

However, if you are having a big gun, or crossbow that is on a higher side when it comes to the weight, then this rest will seem a bit off to you.

In all, the Caldwell gun rest is well laid out, and provides a great support for the hunters. So, if you are looking forward to buy your first ever gun rest, the we will recommend you to buy this rest from Caldwell. To know more and caldwell deadshot fieldpod best price click the link below.

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