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Clam 9935 4567-0792 Drill Auger Conversion Kit Review

Clam 9935 4567-0792 Drill Auger Conversion Kit
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Ice fishing augers or chisels are highly specialized equipment that are predominantly used in drilling holes in the ice on a frozen water body such as river or lake.

Ice fishermen or anglers then use fish hooks or spears through an opening in the ice to catch fish. The size of the hole depends upon the type of fish one is looking for, and most commonly is 8 inches in diameter.

Hand augers are mechanical devices and require quite a lot of force to drill holes in the ice especially when the ice is more than 18 inches in thickness. So, to make things easier for the anglers, drill auger conversion kits are used to power up the whole process.

Clam drill auger conversion kit is one such drill plate that allows the angler to use an 18 volt cordless drill as the power to drill the holes.

Exceptionally lightweight and portable, Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit is incomparable to any other conversion kit available out there in the market. The drill plate provides enough power to the drill through over 700 inches of ice on a fully charged battery.

The plate is designed in such a way that it easily fits with most of the hand augers, be it 6 inches or  8 inches Nils or 8 inches Fin-Bore.

The conversion kit weighs only 5.6 pounds and comes with a rubber padding on it to help you  get an easy grip of the plate in the freezing temperatures.

With Clam drill plate extension, drilling holes in ice is a breeze and fun. The plate lets you drill up to 8 to 10 holes in a go and doesn’t slow down a bit during the process.

Exploit the power of mobile auger and enjoy ice fishing with clam ice auger conversion kit drill plate.

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