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Coleman Cpx 6 Triago Lantern – A Camping Lantern Review

Coleman Cpx 6 Triago Lantern Review, www.proleaner.comLooking for something to add energy into that outdoor night event? A solution to that proposal you are planning, the guiding light to the bonfire firewood at the campsite, a reversal for a power outage or just an ambient atmosphere around the gazebo or a garden seating area where you enjoy dinner with family and friends? Look no further than the Coleman CPX 6 Triago Lantern! This is the best bet for creating a world of your own imagination. Light up the moments and create glowing memories!

Coleman Lantern is a 450 lumen, 3 LED bulbs lantern that offers you a brighter space than the normal fluorescent bulb. With each individual light panel giving a light intensity of 150L and a beam distance of 1n high panel, it is what you need to save the day during an impromptu power outage.

This piece of art has a glare reducing technology, which delivers you bright, soft, glowing light that is welcoming and energy saving. One amazing feature that you should know, is that the three LED bulbs have their own panels which come with an on and off switch and high/low settings! With this, the mood and the atmosphere of your environment are at your fingertips, bringing life into your imaginations.

Its bulbs are very safe to handle. They don’t run hot hence safe to touch. With this, the three bulbs can be safely popped out of their base and be used as flashlights. The Coleman Cpx 6 Triago Lantern uses a water and impact-resistant rechargeable battery CPX 6 cartridge, which comes with a 12V adapter to recharge from your vehicle and a 120V adapter to recharge from a wall outlet. With up to 83 hours running time, this battery enables the bulbs to light for more than 300 hours on the lowest setting! Talk about a lit campsite!

It is made from durable, lightweight, polycarbonate lenses that are ten times better than the regular plastic or glass lenses in terms of impact-resistance. It has wide handle openings and a lantern mode of 45n high for up to 13 hours.

This classy lantern is made from water-resistant materials, which allow you to create a beautiful, soothing photogenic scenery around water features with a set of them. With its polycarbonate lenses, breakages are the last thing you expect when getting creative with it. Feel free to hang them on branches or canopies, and let them cast an exciting blend of light and shadows that bring out the serenity and beauty of an outdoor experience.

Its lightweight rugged materials, enable it to be easily portable, easy to clean and safe to handle. This lantern has a shipping and item weight of 3.3 pounds, product dimensions of 12.8*8.1*8 inches and it comes with multiple colors suitable for both genders.

With the high-end technology that has been used to assemble this masterpiece, the ease to use, and the beauty the Coleman triago 450 disperses both from its glowing light and its physical features, it deserves a five-star rating. This classy lantern is what you need to bring out the adventure in you. It is made purposefully to brighten your life in all aspects, and to make the night as beautiful as the stars.

With only limitations to international shipping, there is no excuse for having a boring night. Bring the fun, bring calmness, build inner peace, and bring life into the darkness with Coleman Lantern.

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