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Coleman FyreCadet Propane Stove Review

Coleman FyreCadet Propane Stove Review, www.proleaner.comDon’t you hate it when you’re cooking with your old camp stove and the flame keeps getting blown out!! No stew tonight! Ugh! The Coleman FyreCadet Propane Stove is here to meet your needs.

The 11,000 BTU stove has a special feature 360-degree wind resistance and cuts boiling time in half. The push button ignition makes cooking a snap!! The new technology for wind resistance allows for the use of 10 inches and 12-inch pans at the same time because there is no need for side panels. Fuel for this stove is in the 1 pound green container. However, you can use an adapter to use larger containers for those long weekend campouts!

This stove has interchangeable cooktops. A griddle perfect for cooking pancakes and a grill grate for that oh so yummy steak! The griddle and the grill grate can be purchased separately. After you have finished your delicious meal cooked outside, this stove has a handle and locking lid for easy portability. To carry the stove and propane bottle together easily, you can order the Coleman Stove Carry Case. The carry case has two drawstring pockets for carrying extra propane.

The FyreCadet Propane Stove is both light weight and easy enough to carry, weighing only 10 lbs. with dimensions of 26x7x17. This stove is sleek and the no skid feet keeps it right where you put it. The burners are made of stamped steel for durability and even cooking. The stove is easy to clean as the burners come off and the surface is easy to wipe.

Pros for this stove, which is a huge plus, is the wind resistance technology. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook and your flame keeps going out! The use of 12 inches and 10-inch pans at the same is fantastic. A whole meal can be cooked all at one time. The interchangeable cook tops are excellent extras!

Cons for this stove is that the stove gets very hot. While it does bring your contents to a boil quickly, it is very difficult to simmer or cook on a low temperature. So keep little hands away and keep pot holders ready not just for the pots and pans but for the stove itself.

Fyrecadet 2-burner propane stove has far more pros than cons. It is portable, sturdy and sleek looking. You will be the envy of the campground as folks walk by seeing that not only are there one large pan on your stove, but two!!! The wind resistance technology is a must have cutting cooking time in half. The ease of portability, the additional cooking surfaces, and carry case will make cooking a delight!

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