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Condor Outdoor MOPC Gear Vest Plate Carrier Review

What does general body safety mean to you? Do you take the safety of your body, especially the chest part that houses major critical organs, as a number one priority? Well, how about you get Condor Outdoor MOPC Gear Vest LBE Tactical Molle (Tan) to guarantee that safety. What is this product? If this is a question lingering in your mind, worry not. This is an outdoor gear vest which is well designed to offer safety of your upper body against harm especially from a bullet. Stories of stray bullets are everywhere these day and gangs are attacking people every now and then. This could help you in case you were caught up in such a situation.

For game hunters, chances of some hunter mistakenly shooting at you are very high. For this reason, you do not have to be in a battle field in order to wear this vest. It is a safety gear that guarantees utmost safety against any bullet that could harm your body. And yes, with numerous storage pockets, it also acts as armor storage when you are out hunting. For soldier, it is a basic requirement that can save them in their worst moments. Given the nature of this specific outdoor gear vest, it is quite reliable. What is more unique about it is its well placed straps which make it convenient for people of all sizes.

1. Emergency drag handles:

This is the first major feature you will notice once you take a look at this outdoor gear vest. Take a scenario where you and your friend are out hunting or in a battle field and the friend is hurt. Given the situation, both of you have to get away or risk getting into a more serious situation. These emergency drag handles can help you drag your hurt friend to a safe place. This basically takes into account the fact that when bullets are involved, the atmosphere is never calm and sometimes requires people to get away easily.

2. Adjustable straps:

Given the fact that each person’s size is distinct, this outdoor gear vest comes with adjustable straps. With these straps, anyone can fit into it perfectly. Adjustable for both shoulders and the chest, anyone can wear it comfortably.

1. Quite portable:

Given its size, this vest is quite portable. The weight ensures that one does not get overburdened and become ineffective.

2. Quite usable:

The design of this outdoor gear vest makes it quite usable. This is created by the fact that this vest does not require one to do complex wearing and strapping processes. This makes it quite convenient.

3. Comes with numerous storage pockets:

Given the fact that when going for activities like hunting you will probably require several items, this vest ensures that you do not leave your armor behind. It has numerous storage pockets.

Finally, I think Condor Outdoor MOPC Gear Vest is great given its outstanding features. It is quite useful when you want to ensure that your safety is intact whenever you are out hunting After critically dissecting all these features, I can comfortably give it a 4.8 star rating out of the possible maximum 5 stars.


1. Awesome Velcro retention.

2. Hydration loops accommodate camelbak hose.

3. AF foam makes it quite comfortable.


1. There is minor tread fraying on hydration Velcro loops.

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