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Diaz Sport’s Black Tactical Hydration Pack Review

Diaz Sport - Black Tactical Hydration Pack Review, www.proleaner.comThere’s nothing worse than hiking through the great outdoors and finding yourself encumbered by bulky water bottles, bladders or reservoirs. Sitting heavily on your hip, hanging awkwardly down from your backpack, or taking up valuable hand space when you’re trying to keep your balance, whatever you keep yourself hydrated with, usually gets in the way. The Diaz Sport’s Black Tactical Hydration Pack solves this problem by combining a backpack with a 3-liter bladder. The bladder is actually incorporated into the backpack design, so it fits snuggly on your back, providing you with easy to access hydration without any awkward adjustments or imbalance.

The tactical hydration pack is designed with a compartment, especially for the bladder. The bladder has an incorporated drinking hose which one can thread through the backpack shoulder straps, making it easy to drink from. The bladder fits in the center of the backpack to maintain the equilibrium of the product.

The bladder includes an extra large screw cap in order to allow the user to add ice cubes to their water. The water temperature, remaining stable, is aided by the inclusion of an insulation feature in the hose. This keeps the water at the same temperature throughout usage. The backpack also comes with adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps, for comfort wearing. Indeed, the backpack ensures wearer’s comfort by including padded, well-ventilated material on both the shoulder straps and the back section.

In addition to being comfortable, the backpack is made up of 600D polyester, resulting in a durable product that works well in a range of environments. The extra pockets that the backpack comes with make it an even more usable product. These pockets include an outside strap system which allows the user to attach other things to the backpack once the interior space is used up. The backpack has included a safety system which comprises of quick release buckles letting you detach the product from your body should you need to do so.

This bag’s dimensions are 18in x 9in x 2in, and it weighs 25 ounces, which is very light by industry standards. It comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, ensuring user’s satisfaction. The design is compact and comes in all black. Diaz Sport’s Black Tactical Hydration pack is especially useful for those who hike or do other outdoor activities for a long period of time. The lightweight material and design keep the backpack comfortable for a number of hours, while the easily adjustable straps quickly and effectively solve any issues that may occur while walking. The special cooling system also makes this a useful product because not many other examples in the market have this feature and it makes walking, for many hours, especially in hot climates, much easier. The bladder also has a decent capacity and provides hydration for someone aiming to be out for a long time, while not being so big as to being uncomfortable. On the other hand, the waist strap does not include any extra padding, and the harsh edges of the material can irritate the skin during long use. The mouthpiece may also pose a problem for those aiming to use it during exercise; it is small so may be hard to locate while moving, and the bite valve can take some getting used to. Overall, this product deserves a 4/5 star rating, and it sits as one of the best examples of its type in the industry.

Pros and Cons

The best element of this hiking backpack with water bladder is its easiness to wear. The wearer can comfortably stay hydrated for hours without feeling any kind of back pain often associated with these type of products. Another important advantage of this backpack is the safety feature, which is important when using it in dangerous environments. However, the product is limited in that not all of the straps are padded, which may pose an issue.

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