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Dometic 301096202 Tan Portable Toilet Review

Dometic 301096202 Tan Portable Toilet Review, www.proleaner.comThe Dometic 301096202 Tan Portable Toilet is great for what it does. It is a portable toilet. Functions well wherever you go, and I feel very comfortable counting on it to come through during a camping trip. A lot of the good places to camp can get pretty remote with not very many nearby toilets, and if there is any, they always are very rundown and disgusting. The portable toilet let’s me do my business without a putrid smell. Even at the more popular places there is trouble. The bathroom lines can be so long that it is just all too convenient to use the portable toilet. Also while out on a lake this comes in very handy. The comfort really pays off the product, as cost effective as it is.

It basically functions as a box that you can do your business in. The seat is very comfortable and is adult-sized. It latches shut and is very easy to clean. The toilet is everything you would ask for in a toilet in your house, except this thing can be taken anywhere. It also holds up to 2.5 gallons, that would be 20.8 pounds of water.

Its functions as a toilet are near perfect, and to add on, it is very portable, scratch-resistant, and dense enough to be thrown around a bit. While the portable toilet is the epitome of camper readiness, it can also be installed permanently if needed. Dometic 301096202 Tan Portable Toilet has a scratch resistant finish that will protect it from other gear, saving you from stuffing blankets in between anything hard as you pack up the car’s trunk. So, now no need to think about camping toilet ideas, just get your portable camp toilet and have a smooth camping experience.

The portable toilet can come in tan or platinum and is 17 x 15 x 12 inches, weighing only 12 pounds. Warranty is available on the parts.

Dometic’s toilet can be used for camping and boating. It is a clean and easy alternative to outhouses or long detours to the nearest bathroom. It’s box shape makes it incredibly convenient to store and it’s light weight makes transport and packing a breeze. It is easily a 4 1/2 star product, although I wish handles were more accessibly placed and that there was an area to store material (I recommend some sort of pet deodorizer).

Pros and Cons

Pros- Portable- Easy to clean- Incredibly useful

Cons- Be careful for pressure build up from gasses- Need to purchase extra things like toilet chemicals to make experience more enjoyable.

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