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Eureka! Tetragon HD 2 Tent Review

Eureka! Tetragon HD 2 Tent Review, www.proleaner.comNothing sucks the fun right out of camping more than rain, and on top of that, you get back to the campsite only to find that your tent is soaking wet. There are many other common problems that may arise with your shelter during your camping trip that can ruin your experience. Investing in a high-quality camping shelter can make such problems a non-factor. The Eureka Tetragon 2 person tent is a 1 room tent that comfortably houses 2. It is rain and wind resistant, and the setup is pretty easy. Some people may not even have to read the instructions, but this is not advised. This outdoor safehouse is equipped with luxurious features that anyone is sure to love, myself included.

Tents can be pretty snug, even if they are meant to house more than one person. This shelter, however, is incredibly spacious, even for 2 people. The 2 pole- rectangular dome design allows for maximum space on the inside. The shock corded fiberglass frame and the freestanding dome design make it sturdy and easy to set up. The polyester bathtub floor prevents flood water from getting in your tent and protects against standing water that may have been tracked inside. The polyester fly won’t stretch and is also resistant to UV damage, unlike nylon which is traditionally used in outdoor shelters. This material is fire resistant. There is one window on the door and one in the back of the safehouse. The door is large enough for adults to walk through comfortably. Dual zipper tracks allow a separate use of the window and door. The windows have hooded flys that make it possible to open them for ventilation, even when it’s raining. The main fly and floor seams are factory-taped for added weather protection. There are also large areas of mesh inside the walls of the camping shelter as well as the roof, providing additional circulation. It also is equipped with external guy points, which can help secure the tent in high winds.

This tent has a few luxurious features as well. It’s usually hard to find a place to store your stuff in a shelter. Unlike other basic shelters, the luxury of using Eureka! Tetragon HD 2 tent is that it comes with 2 mesh gear pockets that can be used to store personal items, such as clothing and toiletries. There are also clothes line loops and a flashlight loop. A gear loft is also included, which can be used for additional storage. The 2-person camping tent has a media center on the inside. It has a clear sleeve where you can place your phone or tablet for viewing. This really comes in handy when it’s raining outside.

It weighs only 4 pounds. It has dimensions of 7’x5′ ft with an internal height of 4′ ft. It comes in colors of java, cement, or orange. There is also a lifetime warranty.

I highly recommend this product. It has everything you need for a camping trip and more. The features are all top tier. It is great for getting set up quickly and combating the weather. I give it 4 stars.

Pros and Cons


  • The tent is light and compact
  • It’s durable
  • It has a good price


Not exactly a con but a limitation – The camping tent is ideal only for 2-person stay plus their camping gears and sleeping bags.

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