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Eurosled Merikan Missile Sled Review

Eurosled Merikan Missile Sled Review, www.proleaner.comThe Eurosled Merikan Missile Sled is such a lovable bad sled! Being passed through proper QC test, this is a perfect sled to enjoy your winter campaign. Riders feel that the design and control have been the answer to the question of all the obstacles of the route. The design makes it the best for tremendous alpine sledding.

Its smart and sturdy construction is the answer to your query for why should you buy this. Being robust enough to withstand the undesired rocks and highly maneuverable in tough routes, you will enjoy cruising a frequent route descending down 1500 feet and miles of narrow and dry inlets and creeks.

It has a wider seat(14”) compared to others. The side to side maneuverability is smoother with the rocking bottom curved side to side and front to rear. Thus you become a master in avoiding fast approaching impediments like trees and speeding becomes a sport, not a danger. Last year’s best statistics was 38.2 miles/h. Though designed for intense speed down the hill, the smart control lets kids strap helmets with their buddies and bomb down safely with fun. Now your kid can learn to handle the adrenaline rush.

Eurosled Merikan Missile Sled being lightweight construction, doesn’t let you feel it in your backpack; another good reason for being the best for hiking and then hill bombing. When you don’t feel like carrying an extra stuff with you, that’s the smart stuff.

With a great rating of 4.1 where 63% gave 5 stars and 12% gave 4 stars, the Eurosled Merikan Missile sled is available in four different colors at namely Hot Pink, Jet Black, De-Icer and Blaze Red with prices ranging within $58.62 to $61.48; With plastic construction. Dimension and weight of those vary with color versions: Jet Black- 19 x 20 x 21 inches, 13.75 pounds. Blaze Red- 8 x 16 x 18 inches, 2.7 pounds. De-Icer- 6.5 x 17 x 20 inches, 2.65 pounds. Hot Pink- 6.5 x 16.9 x 20 inches, 2.5 pounds.

Need half priced? Amazon offers you to buy used but new and fine sleds for half the new price! But this is not always available there due to massive demand and popularity of this sled. The recommendation is to search ASAP and check all those colors to find such used and new ones at almost half or cheaper price!

Availability may vary due to the rising demand. So please check at Amazon soon.

Now it’s the writer turn. In terms of the smart construction, being easy to carry and fine to control and picking up speed, the writer rates it 4.2 due to some cons.

As the beginning says that this is a lovable bad set; there stand some cons against the pros like the sturdiness and lightweight plus the excellent maneuverability. This described pleasure was attained after a series of trials. It threw down the rider to sled on his pants several times. This is much more convenient for lightweight people. While trying with a man above 250 pounds, it couldn’t move much.

Another complaint was heard that some of this model collapsed in the initial rides, i.e. their bottom bowed in instead of bowing out. But that was a bad batch suspected. So you don’t need to worry about them absolutely. </p>

So, get one of these snow sleds and rule sledding with that carefree youth inside you as control and safety are guaranteed here.

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