G.P.S. Shotgun Shell Tote Review

G.P.S. Shotgun Shell ToteReal gun enthusiasts do not carry their weapons or accessories in cheap, disposable duffle bags. Instead, they invest in their passion. What better way to do that than acquiring a high-quality shell bag?
G.P.S. Shotgun Shell Tote is the perfect shell bag for those of you who like to keep their shells organized when visiting the range. You can easily store six shell boxes in it. As a bonus, the tote bag comes with a few special compartments for other accessories, such as ear plugs and safety glasses.

G.P.S. Shotgun Shell Tote is very nice shell Tote that has room for shooting glasses, ear plugs and choke tubes.

Say goodbye to lost ear plugs and scratched glasses. Its sturdiness and compact design will ensure its utility for years to come.

The shell tote was designed for your convenience. In its simplicity, the product delivers everything you need in a tote bag. Here is what it offers:
1. A compartment for your shell boxes – this space can accommodate up to six boxes. The manufacturer took into consideration the overall box size, which means that they will be a perfect fit.
2. An ear plugs compartment – they are required when going to the range, so why keep them in your pocket when you can protect and keep them in a place specially designed for them? The bag holds two such compartments on one of its side, which means you can bring spares.
3. A safety glasses compartment – when going to the range always put safety first. Safety glasses are a must, which is why you must bring them every time. Fortunately, this G.P.S. tote bag has a unique space for them. That way they will be safe from scratching or other possible damage.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, this shell tote has a few other aces up its sleeve. The reinforced leather handles will make carrying very easy for you. Not to mention its persistence in time. Broken handles are a very common issue, but this bag will last for years.

Thanks to the bag design you will always know where you put your accessories. There is no way you will confuse the pockets. Each and every item has its designated place, which makes is very easy for you to identify the location of every item. The bag also has a compact design. That makes it easy to carry and store.

The product has a simple, but smart design. It does not weigh much, only 2 pounds. As for measurements, the bag comes only in one size, 8 x 4 x 4 inches. As I said above, it is compact. The color of the bag is olive, an enduring color in my opinion. It will prevent the bag from getting dirty fast.

One of the things I love about this shell bag is its adaptability. You can carry six round boxes, or you can take four boxes and a couple of choke tubes. You can even add a bottle of water if you like. Even though the specifications state that you can store just two pairs of ear plugs in the individual pockets, in reality, you can store more than that.

This shell bag is remarkable. It is extremely useful; the features are well thought through. It is made to satisfy any gun enthusiast. Its compact design, adaptability, and sturdiness are what make this bag so useful and of such a high quality. Personally, for the purpose it was created, I believe it’s a 5-star product.

Pros are easy to find when it comes to this product. This shell bag is compact; I love that there is no need for a special place to store it. A closet is just fine. The special compartments are another pro. We all now how easy is to lose those ear plugs. Well, not anymore. The specially designated place for each item is a simple but terrific idea.
As for the cons, it ‘s hard to find one. If I had to choose an aspect I don’t like about this product, I would go for the one size only issue. I love the size of this one, but I believe that there are people out there who would want a similar bag, but in a bigger size. Other than that, this model is exceptional.

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