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GAS ONE Automatic Ignition Double Burner Review

GAS ONE Automatic Ignition Double Burner Review, www.proleaner.comWhether you are out hiking in the wilderness or just trying to prepare a delicious meal for the family on a warm Saturday night, not having the right equipment can quickly ruin even the greatest plans! Having the right outdoor stove ensures you will not go hungry and have ample time to enjoy your time with your loved ones. With dozens of outdoor gas burners available, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for your needs. The GAS ONE Automatic Ignition Double Burner offers many great features that will make it a great addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal. It is safe, sturdy, and offers a strong dual flame for even the most demanding outdoor chef.

Equipped with two fully automatic push & turn adjustable heat dials, the portable propane gas stove is safe and easy to use for everyone. The flames are consistent, strong, and cover the entire cooking area, which ensures even heating and quick food preparation. It can be hooked to a travel trailer external propane port, adding to its versatility and making it great for weekend camping trips with the family. It includes a 0-20 CSA-listed PSIG regulator with hose, so no additional equipment needs to be purchased other than fuel. Finally, it takes less than 30 minutes to fully assemble, so if you spontaneously decide to move dinner outside, you won’t have to spend hours putting it together before actually being able to cook your food.

The stove’s legs are removable, meaning it will fit in the trunk of your car just as easily as your garage or patio storage closet. GAS ONE Automatic Ignition Double Burner is extremely sturdy, built to last, and will not lose stability or form even after the 100th camping trip. Its ruggedness makes it the perfect companion for camping, fishing, hunting or even tailgating. Depending on your apartment company’s outdoor bbq policy, it is also great for small balconies and patios.

With dimensions of 34.8 x 28.5 x 17 inches and weight of 30 lbs, the Gas One portable stove offers a 450 square inches of cooking surface. The appliance boasts a 60,000 BTU of high cooking power ideal for making quick and uniformly cooked meals.

Overall, this stove is a well-built, durable, and safe addition to your outdoor cooking experience. With its fully automatic ignition and separate heating dials, it is easy to use and offers much-needed versatility when cooking for friends and family. Its size makes it a great travel companion but it also feels right at home on a balcony or patio.

Pros & Cons:

Among its many positive features, two aspects stand out. First, its durability and ruggedness are reminiscent of much heavier and bigger stoves. This burner will provide long-lasting cooking joy for years. Second, the fully automatic ignition not only greatly increases personal safety but reduces the risk of fires, both at home and outdoors. Unfortunately, it does not come with a thermometer. Still, this is an excellent outdoor gas cooker and has the power of becoming your favorite camp chef.

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