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GSI Outdoors 14021 Blue Tea Kettle Review

GSI Outdoors 14021 Blue Tea Kettle Review, proleaner.comThe GSI Outdoors 14021 Blue Tea Kettle is a classic Enamelware beauty, compassionately influenced by the Graniteware. The complete package offers us an outstanding service and a rustic tinge (for the old school lovers). The polished finish of the kettle saves the beauty from rusts. The kettle is very handy and can be taken out for picnics or trips without any hassle. The product is made scratches and chipping proof by twice heating of kiln each of the pieces at a 1400 F. The kettle is capable of serving a maximum of ten cups of hot tea or coffee, at a time. It is constructed to resist high heat and the distribution of the heat is evened out in this product. The soothing blue camping kettle comes with a lid and a spiral handle.

Some of the key features of the product are:

  •  It has a capacity of ten cups, at a time.
  •  It is made from enameled steel.
  • This vintage porcelain is magnificently blotchy blue and is polished well.
  • The rim is made of stainless steel which is essential to resist chipping.
  • The light weight of it makes it very mobile and saves the name of a spiller, often.
  • Each part of the Kettle is twice kiln-hardened at a 1400 F temperature so that it does not succumb to the dents and chipping.
  • The Kettle comes with a lid and a heat resistive spiral handle.
  • This product is best for people who are into camping mostly.

This is a very safe camping coffeemaker with regards to performance and durability. Personal experience points to the fact that the product is easily portable for what is worth, given its light weight and ensures the reduction of the tendency of spillage. The product is made in a way to fight the odds of nature like rusts and dents and crumbles and also high heat. It seems like almost a perfect piece of tea and coffee maker.

With dimensions of 3inches X 2inches X 8inches, approximately and weight of no more than 22 ounces with a shipping weight of 1.6 pounds, the GSI Outdoors 14021 Blue Tea Kettle is quite roomy and ideal for making ten cups of tea at a time. The blue color and the enameled steel finish add more the look and appeal of the kettle.

Pros and Cons

The macular blue Kettle is obviously worth the money according to my recommendation. It is actually a little bigger than what it appears to be in the pictures. But nevertheless, it is very classic in its get up and easily portable which serves the sole purpose. The quality is extremely good, the kettle is available in the market at a price of $24.99. The only difficulty that I could have possibly faced was that the spiral handle is not much heat resistive as it is supposed to be. Even the lid of the kettle seems to pop off each time it is titled. Other than that, our trips, mostly camping trips are completely incomplete without this kettle. On a scale of five, I would love to rate this product a four. It seems to be quite a perfect thing for a caffeine addict. And let’s face it, life is mundane without tea or coffee. Buy now, peeps!

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