Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release Review

Hot Shot Vapor 4 ReleaseIn bow hunting, archers use release aids to hold the string and release it accurately. The advantage of using a release aid like Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release is that it greatly reduces the chance of dry firing a compound bow.

These releases either come as wrist triggers or handled releases. Hot Shot Vapor is a handled release available in 3 or 4 finger handles.

Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release is designed especially keeping the bow hunters in mind. The device serves as a mechanical aid in not only helping the bow hunter stay focused on the target but also in firing the arrow with even more accuracy and stability.

The hot shot vapor thumb release comes with an adjustable thumb barrel and works well with the left hand shooters also, without any issues. All it requires just a flip of the thumb barrel to the other side and shot with the left hand.

The hot shot vapor thumb release works great with a D loop and can handle 80lbs without any problems. The unit is rugged and is built to very tight tolerances. The Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release is adjustable as well as the tension on the actual release.

The Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release comes with automatic closing jaw with no trigger set requirement, crisp adjustable tension trigger, and zero noise internal actuating system give the bow hunter more command on his skill and accuracy.

Overall, hot shot vapor 4 release is a comfortable and easily adjustable handled release designed specifically for bow hunters to provide more accuracy and greater stability. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is that when hunting do not clip it to the D loop and leave it unless you’re stationary. The weight of the thumb barrel provides the trigger enough momentum to release and fall off. To get hold of your own Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release and pricing, click the link below:

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