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Igloo MaxCold Island Breeze 50 Qt Roller Cooler Review

Igloo MaxCold Island Breeze 50 Qt Roller Cooler Review, www.proleaner.comIf you’re in need of a new cooler, the decision might be daunting as there are many options on the market for you to chose from. Buying a reliable cooler can be an investment, and there are many factors to consider. Do you want a cooler with handles or without? Should your cooler have wheels? Two or four? What size do you need? Will your food stay cold? For how long? Do you have a preference on color? Is one brand more reliable than another?

With these considerations in mind, the Igloo MaxCold Island Breeze 50 Qt Roller Cooler might be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only is the Igloo name a trusted brand in coolers, but the ultratherm insulated lid and body keep the inside cold, no matter where you take it. And transporting a cooler has never been easier. The Island Breeze has two wheels in back, and a plastic handle that extends upward for easy portability. This cooler can hold up to 86 12 oz cans, or several 2 liter bottles upright, and is especially practical for parades, camp-outs, BBQ’s, and festivals, or just anyone on the go!

Additionally, setting it apart from many others on the market, Cool riser Technology keeps contents cool by elevating the cooler from hot surfaces like asphalt or concrete, allowing the contents to remain cold all weekend! Also of note is the integration of tie-down loops that will let you attach additional gear to the top of the cooler, especially practical for all day events. Some of you might even like the fact that Igloo Maxcold 50 qt cooler can be used as checked baggage on an airplane, thanks to the wide-grip locking handle. The plastic drain plug fits securely, making this a worry free piece to travel with. So next time you enjoy fresh seafood at the beach, plan to load up your cooler with your favorites and take some home.

In addition to its practicality, the modern black/blue design of the Igloo MaxCold Island Breeze 50 Qt Roller Cooler is visually appealing, and less likely to attract dirt than its light-colored counterparts. At a 50 Qt capacity, it provides ample space. The cooler weighs 16.75 pounds when empty, and has the following dimensions: 19.06 x 16.75 x 27.5 inches. It can be shipped both within the United States and to select countries outside America.. A manufacturer’s warranty can be obtained by request. No assembly required.

This cooler is spacious without being bulky. From BBQ to camping to vacation and home again, it will satisfy all of your food and beverage needs. On a five-point scale, this cooler receives a 4.5.

Pros and Cons

Overall Igloo Maxcold rolling cooler is incomparable to others of its size. Its numerous attributes, specifically its ability to stay cold, its overall design, and its portability, definitely outweigh the one downside it has. Perhaps the only flaw is its stiff turning radius, but unless you plan to drag it through an obstacle course, you will be able to maneuver it just fine because the oversized soft-ride wheels make it ride smoothly over most surfaces.

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