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Kelty Camp Cabin 4 Fitted Nylon Footprint Review

Kelty Camp Cabin 4 Fitted Nylon Footprint Review, www.proleaner.comIf you often go for camping, it is not enough to procure a tent; you must also ensure the longevity of your cabin, and tent footprint is the best material to trust for this. With factory-made Fitted nylon footprint, you can protect your Kelty Camp Cabin 4 from wear and tear against the ground. When your tent scratches the ground often, it can wear over time and get easily torn; tent footprint is the best preventive measure to forestall this problem.

The purpose of the Nylon footprint is to protect the floor of your cabin from any form of hole or rip. Simultaneously, it helps keep the bottom of the cabin dry and clean for as long as the tent stays up irrespective of the weather condition. It gets attached to the tent with the aid of stake loops.

The lightweight footprint is made up of polyethylene which makes it a natural water repellent. Consequently, it gives better assurance that the interior of the tent remains dry as desired throughout the day and all night long. The rugged material enables your camp cabin to withstand wear and tear. The footprint perfectly fits your Kelty 4 cabin. Easy to secure and setup, the tent carpet makes things easier for any camper and backpacker, from beginners to the most seasoned ones.

The footprint helps prolong the tent’s life and lets you enjoy the camping without spending in buying a new tent every season. It acts as a protective shield and keeps the interiors of your camp dry and clean. Lightweight and weighs just about 1 lb, so it’s easy to carry along without any extra burden. With dimensions of 100 x .2 x 107 inches, the product comes in a gray color to match your tent interiors.

Kelty Camp Cabin 4 Fitted Nylon Footprint only weighs 1 pound, easy to handle and easy to carry along. The ease of securing it makes it the best for quick fitting and also makes it the perfect addition to your hiking and camping accessories. Since it only attaches to the tent via stake loops, it enables the tent to dry faster and also extends the lifespan of your tent. Its shipping weight is just 1.5 pounds, which ensures lowers shipping cost. It can be folded up for easy storage when not in use. On a rating of 5, I will give it 4.5. I would have given it full five stars if the weight had been lighter than 1 pound and if it had been made using a different material; polyethylene don’t fare well under the Ultraviolet light from the sun, making the product inapplicable for permanent or prolonged use.

The pros

  • The product is relatively light
  • It can prolong the lifespan of the tent
  • It applies to all camping and hiking needs

The cons

  • It is an imported product; it is shipped in from Vietnam, which affects the price
  • The tent footprint material is polyethylene which does not fare well under ultraviolet light after prolonged use

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