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Kelty Sunshade w/ Side Wall Review

Kelty Sunshade w/ Side Wall Review, portable sun shelter, www.proleaner.comImagine watching the sunset or sunrise at the beach side, or watching the stars somewhere in the woods. The joy that comes from outdoor events seems to be lifting your stresses away and giving you a positive feeling making a busy working week feel like nothing.

You love to go camping with friends and family or having a beach party or even having a barbecue with your kids in the backyard. With these activities in mind, all you need is more fun with less outdoor discomforts.

But whenever you think of these outdoor events, you are afraid of sun and heat. Those irritating bright glares of the sun feel as if they are burning your eyes out and competing at which ray of the sun will burn your skin the most, making a fun day to be very dulling due to the scorching sun. With all these discomforts, you would do well with Kelty Sunshade with Side wall.

Kelty Sunshade w/ side wall is a solution you need to bring the outdoor excitement alive. Being a three-legged structure it is the perfect shelter you need to block the raindrops, sunlight, filter out those skin-damaging ultraviolet rays, keep the heat out and give you that cooling sensation as you enjoy life in a camping site, during hiking, on the beach or in the yard.

The sunshade has seam-taped construction, moveable side walls giving you the much flexibility you need in any setup, helping you to block the harsh sun-rays as well as giving you the option to view the sunset. It has three equal fiberglass poles that are easily collapsible making set up to be enjoyable and easy, also the fiberglass poles help the structure to be free-standing and stable.

Once pitched, Kelty Sunshade w/ side wall offers a square feet area of 78, giving you the space you need for that outdoor activity. In the case of a windy situation, the package comes with a guy line or cable that will stabilize the shelter and also guy-line storage pockets! With a packaged weight of 12 pounds, 2 ounces, and the item only being 1 pound, it is easily portable in its stylish backpack carry bag that comes along with it.

Good news is, it is Unisex, with cool colors of green and tan that make it comfortable for men and ladies to carry. Its product dimensions are 150*87*150 inches and the product is made of 68D polyester. It has a side shade wall included, and it fits any side. Once set up, the shade has some open well-structured walls that allow free flow of air, acting as an air conditioner.

This is a shelter worth a five-star rating based on the ultimate experience it will give you in your outdoor events. It is very easy to set up, carry around, it has amazing outdoor camouflaging colors that blend in with the environment, with its collapsible characteristics, it is easy to clean. It provides you the shade and the site you long to behold when you are out there. Not exactly a con, but the portable sun shelter doesn’t provide you a full cover like a camping tent. It only works like a sun shelter canopy during the day and you can’t stay under it over the night.

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