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Landmark Permanent Blind Pod Review

Landmark Permanent Blind Pod Review

The Blind Pod That Lasts

“Landmark hunting blinds are made up of sturdy tubular steel framework and stand erect and strong even in the harshest of the weather.”

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Hunting blinds (Wikipedia) are of various shapes and sizes. The earliest blind used was a cocking-cloth, a piece of canvas stretched on a kite-like frame, in which a hole is left to see through. Hunters used this blind to hide them while holding a short gun in other hand.

Modern-age blinds are progressive and advanced and are designed keeping the aesthetics and usability in mind. These blinds are either ground blinds or elevated blinds.

Landmark blind is a unique type of hunting blind that can be used in either way depending on the requirement. You can use it as a permanent ground blind or as an elevated blind with the help of an optional tower.

Constructed from marine-grade reinforced synthetic tarpaulin, the blind withstands all types of cold and extreme weather conditions. 100% waterproof material of the blind makes it ideal for rainy season as well.

Landmark hunting blinds are made up of sturdy tubular steel framework and stand erect and strong even in the harshest of the weather.

The blind pod boasts a spacious interior space standing at 86 inches in the center of the roof, with 72 inches wall. The blind offers a large 6 feet x 6 feet footprint and can easily accommodate up to 4 hunters at a time. The high ceiling of the pod let the hunters stretch and relax during long hunting sessions.

The landmark permanent blind pod comes equipped with 2 adjustable sliding windows that can be silently slide open given hunters the flexibility to adjust the gap and height. The large door of the pod features the same 2-piece sliding design and can be easily configured like windows.

With dimensions of 72 x 72 x 86 inches and total weight of no less than 100 pounds, this is a robust and uniquely designed pod that gives hunters the option of using it as a ground pod or as an elevated pod (optional tower needed).

The landmark hunting blinds are easy to put together, though require power tools and ratchets to set up. The only thing is these Blind Pods don’t come with its own foot area, if using as a ground blind. However, when used on a tower, the top of the tower serves as the floor.

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