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MinnKota RTA 19 Riptide Composite Scissors Review

minn kota rta-19 quick release bracket,
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Buying a boat is great, but we can all agree that it’s a useless purchase unless you can get it to water! Many new boat owners will find that getting their brand new investment to a dock to be used isn’t as easy as simply hooking it up to the trailer hitch of their vehicle and driving down to the coastline. In order for a boat to be moved safely, you’ll have to remove the trolling motor or another bow-mounted motor. Sometimes this has to be done for the boat to be properly hooked up to the trailer it’s being moved on, but many times the motor simply has to be removed to avoid the risk of damaging it. Heck, sometimes you have to remove a motor just to store the boat within your garage, assuming you don’t need to keep it at a dock for maintenance! Now, not everybody who buys a boat is an expert on them, and even those who have owned a boat for quite some time will find that if they purchase a new one of a different type, they have to re-learn a lot of the things that they thought they already knew. This is where the MinnKota RTA 19 Riptide Composite Scissors Quick Release Bracket Mounts come into play.

These quick release bracket mounts are made to quickly and easily remove any RipTide or RipTide Pro motor for relocation or maintenance. Included with them are both the mounting hardware and Minn Kota quick release bracket installation instructions, that way there’s no room for confusion or error while using them. The hardware included is high-yield composite construction and the locking pins are stainless steel. The one thing you definitely won’t have to worry about with these bracket mounts are their quality! These quick release bracket mounts also feature a low-profile design that leaves the deck of your boat clear when the motor is removed.

Given the construction of Minn Kota RTA-19 quick release bracket mounts, they are easy to transport and easy to use. There is even a 260 Lumen flashlight included on the unit for visibility assistance and safety augmentation that will run for three hours straight per use. Every set of bracket mounts comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, which, given the brand recognition associated with these mounts, is enough to put any consumer’s mind at ease.

Minn Kota RTA-19 dimensions are 21 x 8 x 1 inches. It weighs no more than 5.1 pounds and provides a quick and easy solution to remove the trolling motor. The mount works great. The base is small and short with no sharp edges like the metal ones.

Pros: Well-made, stainless steel hardware. Keeps the troller from walking away in the middle of the night. Keeps your trolling motor safe from thefts. Works great and allows you to un-attach your motor in less than 10 seconds.

Cons: The only drawback it seems is that the “one size fits all” bolts can have a few structural weaknesses here or there – it might be best to separately purchase the bolts that are made for your size boat to use with the mounts. Sometimes the one size fits all bolts have problems catching the threading needed to completely tighten as well, so if you really want to be careful, be sure to purchase the bolts specific to your needs.

Given all of the benefits that come with Minn Kota RTA-19 quick release bracket mounts, I would say that this is a 5/5 star investment for any new boat owner. After all, if you’re going to drop the sum necessary to purchase a boat into one, you might as well protect your investment! All in all, it would seem that if you’re looking for bracket mounts to remove your boat’s motor, your search needs to stop here!

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