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Mountainsmith Tellurite 7075 OLS(Pair) Trekking Pole Review

Mountainsmith Tellurite 7075 OLS(Pair) Trekking Pole Review, www.proleaner.comIf you are a hiker or a skier, a budding one or an expert, one piece of equipment that needs careful selection is the trekking or the skiing pole. A good pair of poles can be life saving as it provide the additional safety to the activity. Mountainsmith Tellurite 7075 OLS(Pair) Trekking Pole is a multipurpose equipment which you can effectively use for both trekking and skiing as the changeable tip supports both snow and rocky terrain. What you will love most about this product is the ease of adjusting its length without compromising any bit on safety aspect.

This pair of trekking pole come with 4 tip options including the carbide tip, which is the hardest known metal available and hence provides extra durability and stability; 2 snow caps of different sizes and a rubber shoe for normal terrain. The cork handles make the poles extremely comfortable, the outer dual adjustment and locking mechanism allow users of any height to use them.

The telescopic nature of the Mountainsmith Survival hiking stick pair provides full stability from shorter to taller folks. The 7075 aluminum is one of the lightest metals while maintaining adequate strength, ruggedness and durability. All the tip options have sufficient friction to ensure no slipping for safety. You will feel no pain or stress in the shoulders or the back as the poles put no pressure on your body.

The adjustable webbing wrist straps will fit around your wrist to provide extra safety to the user. These poles are available in burnt ochre color, weigh about 1.4 pounds and the dimensions are 0.5 inch x 0.5 inch x 54 inch. They are made up of 3 telescopic sections constructed using 7075 aluminum.

The Mountainsmith Tellurite 7075 OLS(Pair) Trekking Pole is a perfect choice for trekking as well as skiing, as the comfort, affordability and multi-functionality that they offer are unmatched. The adjustable length and the light weight just take it to another level.

Pros. The pros are numerous and some of them are given as under:-

1.) Light weight.

2.) Adjustable length.

3.) Four tip options. This makes it multipurpose.

4.) Comfort.

Cons. The one con that I noticed is that due to the adjustable length, an extra locking mechanism could be provided for added safety.

Overall, I would rate the product with a 5 star mainly because of its versatility, safety, and comfort.

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