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MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove Review

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove Review, www.proleaner.comWhen you’re backpacking, one of the few comforts you’ll miss from home is cooking a meal, but there’s no way you’re carrying a bulky stove with you across your travels. It’s also not practical to spend hours building a fire and tending to it just to cook pork and beans. If you’re there to truly enjoy the outdoors, you would much rather be looking at the stars and enjoying the breeze. MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove is the answer to all those troubles.

It allows you to a cook meal quickly; much like you would at home, without that much weight on your shoulders. For people who are career backpackers or those who have made back country their home, this product is indispensable. It’s your own personal kitchen that fits perfectly in a 550 ml mug shaped pot.

You only need two things from a working stove, for it to produce fire and for it to hold your pot, so it can cook something. The rest are just add ons, convenient, but you can do away without them. This camping burner is able to produce full range of different flame intensities, from the robust for when you’re rushing to cook food to moderate, simmer and even low flame, for when you’re using smaller pots. It’s just like cooking at home, but using a very compact product that you can take with you anywhere you go.

This feature is also very important because it allows you to adjust the flame, depending on the size of the pot. That means you’re going on a family camping and require a bigger pot; you can turn the heat up. The food cooks evenly and quickly. If you’re on own, you can use smaller pots and a smaller flame to save the gas.

All this would be a waste if you can’t put your pot over the stove because you would either have to be mindful the whole time the pot is over the flame or you’ll have to accept that there would times when you’re dinner will spill. This camping stove unlike its predecessors, avoids that by making the pot supports fit both smaller pots, which seldom fit other stove comfortably, and bigger pots.

It’s actually an ironic problem to have because these products are often made for backpackers going solo, therefore preferring smaller pots for individual servings, yet very few take into consideration how to keep the smaller pots on the stove. This product solves that.

Perhaps the best improvements on this product are on its two features: compactness and portability. Not only does it weigh 14 grams lighter than its predecessor, its retractable pot support and a smaller body allows it to fit in most smaller pots. That makes it easier to pack, carry and travel with, a plus in any backpacker’s book.

If you’re an avid fan of stoves like this, then you might have noticed that MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove is a combination of two of its predecessors. It exhibits all the key features of the PocketRocket, but the compactness and portability of the micro.

Apart from its functionality, the design is very simple. It only comes in silver, with a red accent at the bottom to mark where the attachment for the gas goes. This is definitely not the product that you would expect to come in different colors anyway because you’re using while it’s constantly exposed to the elements. Unnatural colors are not the best for that because they will just fade overtime.

The dimensions of the product are 4 x 4 x 8 inches and weighs 73 grams. The structure, especially the pot support, is definitely more robust than the micro, making it durable and perfect for years of cooking in a rugged terrain.

This product is straightforward in addressing the cooking needs of backpackers and lovers of the outdoors. You need an efficient means to cook with, without compromising the weight of your bag. This is a brand that truly understands what it means to have your kitchen in the palm of your hand, because at 4 x 4 x 8 inches, you can put this product in yours.

Even at that size, the camping stove comes with a lot of features that were improved because of the suggestions of just backpackers like you, such a sturdier and longer but retractable pot support. To cap it all off, it doesn’t even dent your wallet. It costs $44.95, nominally higher than its bulkier predecessor but significantly cheaper than the equally compact Micro. For backpackers looking for the perfect compact stove, this is the product that you should have in your backpack. If you don’t have it already, place an order now, before you go on your next adventure.

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