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Muddy Pro Sticks (4-Pack) Review

Muddy Pro Sticks, Proleaner, Muddy Pro Sticks (4 pack) ReviewTree climbing is a recreational or utilitarian action comprising of rising and moving around in the crown of trees.

A rope, head protector, and saddle can be utilized to guarantee the security of the climber. Other hardware can likewise be utilized relying upon the experience and ability of the tree climber. Some tree climbers take extraordinary lofts called “Treeboats” and Portaledges with them into the tree coverings where they can appreciate a picnic or snooze, or spend the night.

Besides usual tree-climbers, there are folks who climb the trees to serve an adventurous purpose and that is hunting. Hunters utilize a blend of strategies and hunting gears such as ropes and sticks for tree climbing.

Muddy Pro climbing sticks have been a most loved for movable hunters for quite a long time in view of the simple to utilize rope cam framework and the provision of steps on either side of the sticks. They are lightweight, packable, and are intended to append to Muddy tree stands without any need of added accessories. The noiseless cam-clasp straps and aluminum Bark Biters can be utilized on straight or screwy trees.

Built utilizing the solid aluminum construction, Muddy Pro Sticks let hunters climb smoothly on large diameter trees. With these climbing sticks, one can climb up to 13 to 14 feet from the ground to the top of the highest stick. Evidently, if you are the owner of long athletic legs, you can climb even further leaving larger gaps in between the sticks.

The sticks are durable with each stick weighing 2 lbs, rock solid and seem to be overbuilt for the job. A little less weight permits the users to carry them along comfortably.

The rope latch design of the system is awesome and it’s easier to be used than any other tree climbing sticks out there. All you need is to just wrap the rope around the tree, single, and pull the stick down to lock it. Finally, tie a knot to secure it. The set up is easy and quick. Once done, the ropes can be wrapped up and the sticks can be stacked up and latched together.

Besides all the hunters’ favorite, the price of the sticks is something that seems a bit on the higher side. However, given the usability, awesome features, and utility, the high price tag can be justified if you’re an avid tree climber and don’t mind investing some dollars on your passion of hunting and climbing trees.

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