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OnXmaps HUNT Arizona Chip For GPS Review

OnXmaps HUNT Arizona Chip For GPS Review, www.proleaner.comIn today’s day and age, you cannot overlook the essence of owning a premium GPS system that is highly efficient, reliable and convenient at the same time. How many times have your phone’s or car’s GPS system failed you? thousands right? well it’s time for you to wake up, and take control of your surroundings with the onXmaps HUNT Arizona Chip For GPS Public/Private Land Ownership 24k Topo Maps for Garmin GPS Unit, which is a world-class GPS chip for both public and private land owners out there and even for your personal use too. This device is a chip that actually gets you very important information about your surroundings such as landowners’ names, color-coded land ownership data like state parks, US forest service and so much more, you won’t believe it that so much information about Arizona is held onto a single chip. One of the important reasons why this product is so popular among individuals is because of its benefits of giving accurate information about the land and owners that help in research and so much more. Like all other HUNT Arizona chip owners, you’ll definitely like this product for many reasons.

In no doubt, it might be quite mysterious to you, the small compact design of this GPS chip, yet it is so effective and works flawlessly. At first sight, you’ll see a well-designed chip with the OnXmas logo embedded on the top and a very premium casing that is comparable to none. After starting up the chip in a Garmin system or your PC via an adapter, you’ll be overwhelmed with the easy to use interface that takes you from one place to another as you explore Arizona!

More and more features are all packed in this unique, premium chip and there’s no need for you to worry about portability with this due to its convenience, as you can pretty much take it anywhere, safely in its adapter. If you leave it in your laptop it’s not a problem either as long as you keep your device safe. You have so many options to access your maps and GPS data, if you don’t have a laptop where you can use your memory card adapter, you can easily use your Garmin system, your phone or even a tablet. onXmaps HUNT Arizona Chip For GPS Public/Private Land Ownership 24k Topo Maps for Garmin GPS Unit is compatible with most recreational handhelds and GPS units with a colored screen, this means that you have little to nothing to think about when getting yours. There are also frequent software updates that will ensure you are always running the best and most accurate GPS maps, the software updates are done automatically as well.

You must be wondering by now, how heavy is this device or how does it fit in my daily commute? Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s just a chip as small a memory card with a dimension of around 20mm x 21.5mm and weighs about 0.8 grams. The device comes in the color black which is standard, along with the OnXmaps logo tot he top of the chip.

Overall this product is a good bang for your buck. You’re getting a world class GPS chip system that has almost every detail of Arizona right in the palm of your hands. Furthermore, it’s compatibility is flawless, from a smartphone, tablet, PC or even a Garmin system, you get to access landmarks, fishing spots, parks, and just about any detail on the land with easy navigation features. This is a real deal breaker and highly beneficial product. On a five-point scale, I’d give it a rating of 4.5 and the only reason why it lost 0.5 points is that its small design since I might lose it easily.

Pros and Cons

  • Very easy to install and use
  • Has vital map information that a regular GPS does not show
  • Comes preloaded with software and updates automatically
  • Easy to carry, not bulky
  • Data is very accurate


  • Design is small, could easily get lost
  • Packaging could include more than one chips in case of damage etc.

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