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Primary Arms Compact Weapon Light Gen 2 PAWL-3BKGENII Review

Primary Arms Compact Weapon Light Gen 2 PAWL-3BKGENII Review, www.proleaner.comOn the new product list from Primary Arms is their second-generation tactical flashlight. With sturdy construction and fabulous illumination, it is perfect for keeping your eye on the target. Easy to mount and simple to use, the best thing about the product is its flexibility over any type of terrain.

Two 3-volt CR123A batteries provide the power for the bright illumination that comes with a dramatic brightness rating of 700 lumens. The single LED CREE XM-L2 bulb reaches optimal throw distance with no dimming problems. It is both shockproof and waterproof, and performs solidly, making it a great choice for use on land, sea, or in the air.

The light is able to be run in two modes, either momentary or constant, depending on your current needs. The fully charged battery has a running time of 1.17 hours, more than enough for the majority of usage options. Completely portable, a large number of 1-inch mounts are compatible. With its extreme ruggedness, this light is ready to be used anytime.

Slim and compact in design, the Gen 2 weighs in at only 5.6 Oz. The 1-inch simple tube is made from functional aluminum that has a hard coat anodized finish; your grip on the light remains strong and true. The etched, crosscut design prevents accidental slippage. The sight line is more advanced than what is found on many other products, throwing for 200 yards. Available in black, batteries and a one-year warranty are included with purchase. You can purchase the tape switch, mounting hardware, and an illumination kit separately.

The Primary Arms Compact Weapon Light Gen 2 PAWL-3BKGENII looks to have everything one would be looking for in a tactical flashlight. The construction allows it to hold up extremely well under a variety of different conditions. It is light and totally portable, making travel a simple matter. Battery running time is excellent for their size, and the light throw is more than enough for most uses. Another plus is the ability to run it for just a moment if need be, instead of having it on all the time. The price point makes this light worth trying as well. At around $60, there is a load of value for your money. Taking all of the product features mentioned above into consideration, a 5-star rating review is easily earned and is very well deserved.

Pros and Cons

The good news for buyers is that this product has far more pros than it does cons. The low price, one-year guarantee, and superior construction top the list of pros. Also, the battery life, the throw distance, and the shockproof/waterproof guarantee are big pros as well. However, there are two main cons. The product does not come with mounting hardware or the tape switch. These will need to be purchased separately. Additionally, the majority of other flashlights, which run on CR123A batteries, will accept the rechargeable 18650. This one does not. These are minor cons, however, and cost very little to rectify.If you want the best product with the greatest value, look no further. This is THE one. Rush to order one right away.

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