Remington Multi-Green Silicone Treated 52-Inch long Gun Sack Review

Remington Multi-Green Silicone Treated 52-Inch long Gun Sack is the ultimate solution for dings and scratches on your gun.

Remington Multi-Green Silicone Treated 52-Inch long Gun SackDon’t you hate it when the beautiful rifles in your gun safe are damaged with scratches by being in the gun safe? Well, I am sure you do! I You absolutely love your Remington 740 rifle for white tail deer hunting, and because you love it and want to protect your rifle while its in your gun safe or being transported, You put your gun in a gun sock.

Now that you may have realized that you want to protect your best looking hunting rifles from scratches and dings, you may be asking yourself what gun sock you should buy. Because, in order to protect your beautiful hunting rifles you can’t just have any gun sock, you need a high quality gun sock that does its job for a excellent price. And for you, I introduce the Remington Multi-Green Silicone Treated 52-Inch long gun sack the best gun socks for storage. There are hundreds of happy owners of several of these and I HIGHLY recommend them! After you sleeved each of your rifles in one of these gun sacks, all your guns from then on, had no new scratches or dings from other rifles or the safe itself!

This gun sack is soft to the touch, constructed of thick 100% soft cotton that is treated with silicone. The silicone in the gun sack helps guard your hunting rifles against rust, dirt, and annoying scratches.This gun comes with a 52 inch length that comfortably fits most rifles .

This Remington gun sack will add a great level of safe trans-portability to your hunting rifles. I transported my Remington 740 rifle on numerous occasions in one of these in the backseat of my car. Even though one would expect there to be damage on the gun’s finish if transported not in a case and only in a gun sock, I would like to clear your doubts! For after I placed my rifle in the gun sock and drove to my favorite hunting spot, there was no damage to the gun itself or its finish! This gun sock also features a great quality, easy-to-use drawstring closure.

This gun sock is well manufactured in its darker multi-green coloring. This sack is very lightweight at 4 ounces. If you are in any way unsatisfied with your gun sock, you will be able to contact your seller  for a full refund.

This gun sock protects your favorite hunting rifle in transportation or in its safe from dings and scratches. This gun sock is very affordable for its absolutely great quality! This gun sock protects the finish of a rifle from rust or dust. I would give this gun sock a 5 out of 5 star rating! I would easily have paid twice the retail price for a gun sock of such great quality!

Lightweight, durable-Does the job of protecting your gun, may it be in transport or storage-Low cost-Excellent quality-Great color

Cons-May not fit a hunting rifle with its scope attached.

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