Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Fms Reflex Sight Review

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Fms Reflex SightOptical devices maximize your hunting experience by letting you see the infinity image and the field of view at the same time. Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Fms Reflex sight is one such high-tech ultra-modern device that is built for adaptation to any kind of shooting environment.

Being equipped with a digital switch control with six variable brightness levels, M spec works great during the day as well as the night. It also features six settings in night vision mode.

The rugged cast magnesium alloy housing of the unit boasts durability and perfection. With a battery life of up to 1000 hours of superior functionality, the unit does come with low power consumption feature.

The m-spec uses an Accelerometer that checks the motion of the gun, and if your gun is idle for more than 5 minutes, the attached sight goes off. When the gun is picked up and moved again, the sight comes to life and starts working.

Additionally, the unit features a protective shield that protects it from any impact. It also has a shock-proof frame of up to 50 caliber Recoil. The reflex sight is fully submersible up to 40 feet water.

It comes with a dual-pane glass and a parallax-corrected lens system that enable the users to aim accurately from 10 yards to infinity.

There is one more leader in the market of reflex sights and that is Eotech. Though the device is exceptional when it comes to features, adaptability, and usability but if we consider sightmark m spec vs eotech, we shouldn’t overlook the cost and the lifetime warranty that comes with m spec.

All in all, M Spec boasts an outstanding workmanship, immaculate functionality, and exciting price tag. And, if all these sound not very convincing, a lifetime warranty that comes along with the device would surely convince any shooter grabbing the deal.

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