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Slumberjack Overland 10 Person Tent Review

Slumberjack Overland 10 Person Tent Review, www.proleaner.comDo you struggle to find a spacious, lightweight, yet durable tent for the whole family? Look no further. The Slumberjack Overland 10 Person Tent is a spacious, durable, and useful tent system! The tent sleeps ten, has several dividers for optimal privacy (three rooms), and even includes separate sections for a living space and “bedrooms.” This tent provides ample room for a large group or family to camp together without climbing all over each other.

The key features of this 10-person camping tent include different spaces to sleep and hang out in while being out of the elements. You can use the zippers to close the doorways between rooms and can set it up easily – using only 5 poles. Three rooms total plus a front entry area – perfect for a “mud room” space to leave your dirty shoes and bathing suits. 26 stakes are also included to ensure the tent is sturdy and attached to the ground when you set it up. Lightweight, breathable material is used on the tent. It includes 5 open and close-able windows with mesh screen. Additionally, flooring is included so you don’t have to worry about bugs, poison ivy, etc.

There are several additional features that you will find useful when you purchase Slumberjack tents. For example, the poles and material of the tent system are durable but lightweight for easy setup and teardown. A sturdy duffel bag is included in purchase to store the tent in. Additionally, the doorways can be closed or opened and this system even includes windows for that fresh breeze you crave while camping.

The product dimensions are as follows: when set up the tent is 107 inches wide x 75 depth x 228 height. The box the item is shipped in is 26 inches x 10in x 10in and weighs approximately 28 lbs. The poles are made of aluminum and hybrid steel and are lightweight. The tent comes in a brown color, which is versatile. If you are interested in the warranty information, contact the seller via Amazon for more information. I hope this Slumberjack overland 10-person tent review would help you make a wise buying decision.

Overall, this tent system makes camping comfortable while still allowing you to feel like you are enjoying the great outdoors. This tent sleeps up to ten. Includes doorways, windows, and separate adjoining rooms. Whether you are a beginner in the camping world or a pro, you will enjoy this spacious tent. It is useful for a large group or even for just a few people to set up separate rooms to spend time in while on your trip.

Pros: Easy setup and takedown. Enough space for ten campers, but is also nice to just have the space for a few. Affordable, lightweight, but durable. The windows are a great feature – and there are 5, so lots of breeze will come through. Will last you many camping trips!

Cons: The only con is that it may be a bit time consuming for you to set up and take down the tent the first few times if you are not familiar with camping tents. Once you get it though, you will fly through it.

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