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Suunto Spartan Sport HR Review

Suunto Spartan Sport HR
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Suunto Spartan Sport HR is a high-end multisport GPS watch with easy and trim fit. It boasts a shading touch screen, 100m water resistance, built-in altimeter, barometer, and a compass. With 80 pre-set modes for sports and rich sport specific measurements, Spartan Sport is your optimal training accomplice and is ready to go for almost any sort of activity as soon as you unpack and don it. Now you can follow your progress and train yourself the best with community training insights.

Find out new paths and routes on Suunto Movescout utilizing heatmaps. The watch route navigation guide you through the course. Hand-made in Finland, Spartan Sport Watches are sturdy yet compactly designed and are best suited for racing conditions.

The Suunto Spartan Wrist Watches boast state-of-the-art colored touch screen, a wide viewing angle offering tremendous outdoor visibility, no glare even in direct sunlight. Being equipped with 26H battery life with great GPS tracking accuracy, Suunto Spartan Ultra is deemed fit for any kind of demanding adventurous activity.

Suunto Spartan is one of the best GPS watches available out there, including the Nixon Mission, Ticwatch 2, and New Balance Run IQ. Given its functionality and ample battery life, Suunto is one of its kind of GPS-enabled watch.

All it require is to just connect it to your computer to set it up and install the latest software release. The watch menu is quite convenient and you can pair it up with your Android phone and the Movescount app. The Suunto Spartan acquires the GPS signal within seconds making your outdoor activity funnier and fulfilling than ever. The outdoor readability of display is excellent and you can easily pause or end an activity with the side buttons.

Once functioning, the date from your run or swim is synced to Movescount and Strava without hassles, though it takes a little bit of time than normally expected. The Moveaccount app on your smartphone gives a quick overview of all past activities. It also permits notifications and calls to be forwarded to the watch.

Walk, run, swim or even ski, with Suunto Sport Wrist HR nothing is more enjoyable than ever before, thanks to the Suunto Spartan Sport battery life. All in all, a great GPS-enabled watch, yet there are some initial problems, but hopefully these will be solved with Suunto’s latest software releases.

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