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USGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier review

Peace of mind, rest,relaxation or rejuveUSGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier reviewnation is important aspect in any survival, camping or hiking situations. The probability of success in your mission is entirely dependent on you getting proper rest as and when possible.

When you are out there and you have not spent time planning your sleep gear, things can only get messy and you would have lost a chance to relax and rejuvenate so that you can take your challenges fresh and willing.

While sleep and restoration time remains a privilege in actual survival or recreational missions if you have not planned when you can get them…you have already lost an opportunity.

Lets say you seize an opportunity to curl up and catch some sleep if you are in a critter infested area or season you are bound to get MAD!

USGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier in your sleeping kit can make all the difference in such situations. The netting is military grade mosquito net and was first issued to the U.S Marines. It is high quality durable and lasts long even in extensive use. You can as any survivor would put the USGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier to improvised uses like a good base for cover and concealment or even a billow when stuffed in go bag.

However the top thing on your mind is to get much needed sleep and restoration and with this mosquito net in your go bag you will never go wrong.

Pretty fundamental stuff about the use of USGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier is that you need to secure the area you want to set up is free from critters and you can do so by using a natural insect repellent. Once the area is set up with the mosquito net you may also want to anchor down the netting so that its stable in wind and movement and preferably spray the natural insect repellent around the linings to secure the area from potential entry of critters.

The USGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier is military surplus mosquito netting mad in USA and measures 77x24x45 and is also mildew resistant. It weighs almost a kilogram. It can fit over the bunk bed cots with leg extenders of about 1 feet.

So next time you are planning your outdoor trip or just figuring out content in your go bag. Don’t miss on a USGI Military Mosquito Net Barrier for ultimate R&R during your expedition.

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