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YETI Rambler Bottle – 64 Review

YETI Rambler Bottle - 64 Review,
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Exploring the outdoors, or working long hours often requires either a lot of water or a lot of coffee- sometimes both! The YETI Rambler Bottle – 64 does just the trick. The product is an insulated bottle that can keep liquids either hot or cold for long periods of time, which is helpful in situations where access to fresh water or heating devices are scarce. It is one of the best products on the market due to its large capacity and excellent insulation technology. And, it gives straight competition to Amazon bestselling RTIC 64 oz bottle directly.

Yeti gallon jug has a double wall vacuum in order to maintain the temperature of whatever liquid you choose to fill it with. It is designed to include a triple haul cap for ease when carrying it around campsites, on trails, or at work. The bottle itself can carry 64 oz. of liquid and includes ‘Over the Nose’ technology around the rim to make it easy to fill up, clean or pour, in harsh conditions.

The product casing is built with a ‘No Sweat’ design, which means that it won’t make your fingers wet whilst handling, and also reduces the likelihood of frostbite. This is especially useful for those who will be using it in particular tough terrains, such as mountain hiking where temperatures can skyrocket during the day, and then drop below freezing at night. The bottle is also very usable in dangerous or difficult terrains because the casing is 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel, which makes the product rust free, and puncture proof. The product is BPA-free, which is a safety feature that meets current requirements.

This bottle’s dimensions are 10.5 x 4.7 x 4.7, has an empty weight of 33 oz but a capacity of 64 oz, which makes it one of the biggest bottles of this caliber on the market. It is made out of stainless steel and comes in its authentic silver color with a black lid. The design is sleek and aerodynamic, without a lot of excess material getting in the way. This product is covered under the YETI company warranty, that states all products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 3-5 years.

This bottle is truly a product that withstands even the harshest of conditions and therefore provides most use to those needing sustenance in difficult environments. It would be particularly advantageous for one who travels, or works in places where fresh water or heating devices are hard to find because the size provides a lot of hydration; if you are hiking, and only meet a river only once a day. This high capacity bottle will be able to provide you with enough water to last the whole day.

The size of the bottle can prove to be a point of contention though because it is bulky and can take up a lot of room in a backpack. The design fits its purpose well in that it can be easily carried and does not burn fingers or give one frostbite- a lot of its competitors tend to ‘sweat’ making them easy to slip in your hands, or uncomfortable to hold. The insulation technology is one of the most advanced in the market today, and as a result, the product is excellent at withstanding both hot and cold temperatures, keeping its contents at the right temperature. Yeti Rambler Bottle – 64 is also practical for everyday use as it can easily be filled, emptied and cleaned thanks to the wide rim- an especially useful element for those who are busy and need to be efficient. The fact that the stainless steel is rust and puncture-proof means this bottle is reliable, a must for those using it for sustenance in rough terrain. However, the product is limited in that it relies on the provision of extras such as mugs, in order to be practical, since the rim is too large to drink out of by itself. This product deserves a 4/5 rating because overall it is an excellent product that is very practical, despite some flaws.

The Yeti bottle’s biggest advantage is that it is easy to use; it’s design features are purpose built to work well in tough terrains, for example where the use of your fingers may be limited due to the cold or wearing gloves. Another positive about this product is that it is long lasting thanks to the stainless steel casing. Furthermore, a wide range of people can use it for different purposes in different terrains, since it works well for both hot and cold liquids for hours at a time! On the other hand, it is very large, which may prove to be a disadvantage for hikers, as it will take up a lot of room in on’s backpack. It does not include a mug either, so this would need to be packed separately, taking up more space since it is not practical to drink out of this product by itself due to the large rim. But at the end, Yeti is the perfect companion for a life in the wild!

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